Coffee Espresso Machine

Do you know which the best coffee espresso machine out there is? My espresso machine reviews can help you out there.

Hi, I’m Ken. Welcome to my Coffee Espresso Machine blog. I have been making my own espresso since my college days, and certainly have seen the best and the worst espresso machines in my time.

If espresso is your thing, the espresso machine you own will certainly make or break your day. There are a few important points to choosing your best espresso machine, and I will tell you that if you read on.

Choosing Your Coffee Espresso Machine

First thing first. What is the type of espresso machine that you need?

  • Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – Most popular but requires some skill and more maintenance work. ($100 – $1000)
  • Automatic Espresso Machine – Simple and fuss-free. Great for offices. ($100 – $500)
  • Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Almost everything is automated. ($500 – $3000)

After settling for your type of machine, then it’s about getting value for your money. You don’t want a espresso machine that is flimsy, difficult to use, and breaks down every so often. So keep an eye out for these good points in a machine:

  • Brass boilers are better and more durable, but stainless steel boilers are still better than aluminum ones
  • Double boilers make heating up faster
  • Study build; preferably metal than plastic
  • The spouts or the cup stand are adjustable for different sizes of coffee
  • Designed to be easy to use and clean
  • Safe

Here are some of my top picks for the different kinds of espresso machine.

Semi Automatic Coffee Espresso Machine

Best Value – Gaggia 14101

A good espresso machine to start with if you would like to be your own barista. It has a good build and heats up fast for preparing shots after shots of tasty espresso, and the price is not a killer. The only downside is the aluminum boiler, but if you keep it clean this machine should last you quite some time.

Read more about this espresso machine here: Gaggia 14101

Top Rated – Rancilio Silvia

If you want to go for the best, definitely get this lovely espresso machine. The Silvia is known for its wonderful performance in making great espressos, and the build is as good as any commercial espresso coffee maker.

You’ll see why people love this espresso machine here: Rancilio Silvia

Automatic Coffee Espresso Machine

Best Value – Nespresso C100

Make your espresso coffee without all that trouble of grinding beans, tamping and cleaning up the machine using this automatic espresso machine. The Nespresso uses their proprietary espresso pods, which you insert in the machine and press a button for a consistent shot of espresso. Cleaning up is just as easy as discarding the used pod and running a clear cycle.

Get more information about this espresso machine here: Nespresso C100

Super Automatic Coffee Espresso Machine

Best Value – DeLonghi ESAM3300

Not many people want to spend over a thousand dollars for a machine that makes coffee, so DeLonghi made a decent machine that works well in producing good espresso at an affordable price. This may not be a high end super automatic, but it is good enough for the average home user. The frothed milk by this espresso machine is awesome!

Get the best price for this espresso machine here: DeLonghi ESAM3300

Coffee Espresso Machine – More to Come

Well, I hope my espresso machine site has useful tips for you to find your best espresso machineand also how to make great espresso, because I know how wonderful it is to own a good machine that makes delicious espresso drinks anytime of the day, instead of going to the local coffee shop. Take my word for it, you will love the convenience and fun of using a coffee espresso machine at home!